Lift trucks (forklifts) make it a lot safer to move boxes on pallets. If one of your goals is to save money on this machinery, used models are available. You can be happy with how this lift truck works out for your operations if you use this shopping guide. 

Focus on the Right Weight Support First

In terms of how a lift truck performs, one of the most important aspects is its weight support. This spec won't always be the same for used lift trucks because of how they can be designed and the materials they can feature. As such, start your search by figuring out what weight range is appropriate.

What materials will you support with this lift truck and move around your work environment? Figure this out and then you can quickly find compatible used lift trucks to assess further in person.

Monitor Major Parts During Performance Tests

Testing out a used lift truck in person is important for making the right selection. However, you need to make sure you target the right parts throughout these performance tests. Then you can make sure the lift truck is in good condition, allowing you to perform key lifting actions long-term. 

For instance, when the lift truck moves pallets up and down, review the forks to see how well they work. Also, pay attention to the lift truck's motor and wheels. If these parts all function great while you test the lift truck out, you can rest assured it's a sound investment for your material handling needs.

Consider a Rental for Added Clarity 

If you're not ready to purchase a used lift truck just yet because you may not know what model to get, then rental options are available. You can rent a used lift truck for as long as you want to see what it's capable of.

You can lift different materials with it and test out its maneuvering abilities around your specific work site. Then you'll know if this lift truck is a great investment or if you need to rent something else out before you ultimately make a purchase.

Used lift trucks are capable of a lot even though they may have been used by contractors before. If you study these machines and test them out in detailed ways, you should be able to find your own used model that you trust and can use safely long-term. 

Contact a local equipment supplier to learn more about lift trucks for sale.