If you have a warehouse and plan on storing a lot of products in it for a company, a racking system is going to be one of the best investments you make for this space. If you want to choose compatible racking from the very beginning, make these assessments.

Forklift Type

It's pretty standard to use forklifts to move pallets onto warehouse racking systems. These machines make it easy to move a lot of weight in a controlled manner. You'll want to assess the type of forklifts you use all the time around a warehouse so that you end up with a racking system that's compatible with them.

If you can just find out the model and brand of forklifts around your warehouse, you can use these details to narrow in on particular racking systems that are built for them. Then there shouldn't be any usage issues whatsoever with these rack solutions.

Ceiling Height

Most warehouse racking systems today go up vertically. It's a great way to use the existing space that's provided. You just need to take into account your warehouse's ceiling height in order to choose a racking solution that fits perfectly.

Once you find out the ceiling height, you'll know the maximum height that a warehouse racking system can be. This is important for being able to set up the racking system safely and use it effectively moving forward. 

Number of Pallets Being Stored

Warehouse racking systems are often made with a lot of heavy-duty materials and supportive systems, but they still have a maximum weight range that can be supported. You thus need to find out how many pallets you plan on supporting on this system.

If you can find out this quantity, it will be easier to estimate weight totals. Then you can choose a racking system built strong enough to support a particular number of pallets with products on them. Talking to a professional racking supplier is probably the best way to go about this assessment. They can investigate your warehouse operations and the products they support on a regular basis, and then recommend racking solutions that are going to work out long-term. 

You can add a racking system to a warehouse and immediately improve its storage capabilities and organization. You just need to spend your time analyzing how these racks are made and the features they support. Then it's just a matter of finding a solution that you feel comfortable with. 

For more information on warehouse racking, contact a company near you.