If you are running a commercial cooking operation, you will not be able to mix and knead everything by hand feasibly. You will need to purchase a commercial kneader that will help you stay on top of things in a timely manner. That is going to require you to have the right equipment. When looking for a commercial kneader, there are a few features and factors you need to take into consideration.

1. Type of Motor

When choosing a commercial kneader mixer, you want to choose one that has the power to do what you need it to do. You are going to want to pay attention to the horsepower of the motor. The horsepower you need will be impacted by the absorption ratio of what you are making with the mixer and the density of the ingredients you are working with.

A standard mixer with a lower horsepower motor will do the job if you mix up things like cake batter or cream. If you are making thicker dough and batter for products like cookies, you will want to go with a medium-duty mixer. If you are kneading things for a bakery or pizza shop, you will want to go with a heavy-duty mixer with higher horsepower.  

2 Type of Driver

When looking at commercial mixers, you need to consider what type of driver you want the unit to have.

Gear-driven units tend to make a little more noise when they are in operation; however, they are also really powerful and long-lasting. If they break down, though, they can be expensive to repair.

Belt drivers are not as loud when they are operating. They also tend to wear out more quickly, but fixing a slipped belt is easier and more affordable than a damaged gear drive. They have a full range of speed options.

3. Bowl Lift

An industrial mixer is made to create a large amount of food all at once. The required ingredients can create a really heavy bowl, which is why you are going to want to look into a bowl lift.

An automatic bowl lift can make the unit much easier to operate. It will help put the bowl into place correctly and lock it in place. It may even have a swing-out function, so you can pull the bowl out and add ingredients over time.

When looking for a commercial knead mixer, you need to consider what type of horsepower and driver you need to get the work done. You should also consider a unit with an automatic bowl lifter so that you can more easily move the bowl and all the ingredients around.

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