In order to use an inner wall casing scraper appropriately to remove scale, the scraper has to be in the right state. You can keep it working perfectly if you inspect it at the right times. Here are some situations when an inspection would be called for with this oil-related equipment.

Haven't Used the Scraper in a While

There may be periods when you don't have to use an inner wall casing scraper for a while. There might not be a bunch of scale that you have to remove inside casings. If you're about to use this scraper and it has been a while since it was used previously, you want to perform an inspection.

You need to make sure the scraper is still in good condition and has parts that will set this cleaning up the right way. Things may have collected on the scraper that you need to remove or it may be in great condition and ready to use without any sort of treatment. 

Before Purchasing a Used Scraper

You can purchase used inner wall casing scrapers if you wish to save money. Before you use this instrument and preferably before purchasing it officially, you want to inspect the scraper to make sure it's in good enough condition still to clean scale inside casings effectively. 

You don't want to see damaged components, such as the blades or any part of the body. If you do after performing an inspection, you'll want to find a scraper that is set up for better cleaning success out of the gate. 

See Visible Signs of Damage

Inner wall casing scrapers are typically well built and can last coming out of manufacturing, but there could still be damage that develops. If you can visibly see it when you grab this cleaning instrument, you want to perform a more thorough inspection.

Where is the damage and just how bad is it? Will it affect how inner wall casings are cleaned using this instrument? If so, then you need to have the casing scraper either repaired or replaced before treating scale that has built up.

The introduction of inner wall scrapers has made it a lot easier to clean casings on oil sites. If you inspect these instruments at the right times, then there shouldn't be a lot of problems that end up delaying or stopping the cleaning results that you can have. If you need to purchase inner wall casing scrapers, contact a local supplier.