If your business uses a water tube boiler, then you might be concerned about the emissions that might come from that boiler. If this is the case and if you'd otherwise like to use your system in the best and most efficient way possible, then you might be thinking about investing in a selective catalytic reduction system (SCRS). There are a few things that you should know about using one of these systems, however, starting with the points below.

They're Very Effective

If you are concerned about emissions from your water tube boiler, then you should definitely consider making use of an SCRS. Although there are some other options that you can try if you'd like to reduce the emissions that could put your employees at risk and that could impact the environment, you will probably find that an SCRS is one of the most effective. This means that you can keep emissions under control within your facility with the help of the right SCRS.

They Can Be Used With Almost All Water Tube Boilers

You might be interested in using an SCRS, but you could be wondering whether or not it will actually be compatible with the water tube boiler that you have in place in your facility. Luckily, an SCRS can typically be used with almost all water tube boilers, although you will need to choose an SCRS that is properly sized and otherwise compatible with your company's boiler. 

They Should Be Checked From Time to Time

Once your SCRS is installed, you should be able to use it and enjoy its emissions-related benefits right away. However, make sure that you don't forget to check your system for problems and perform necessary maintenance when needed so you can keep your system up and running.

You Should Still Be Mindful of Emissions

Although it is true that an SCRS can be very effective for dealing with emissions from a water tube boiler, it is still important to be mindful of the emissions that can come from one of these systems. Make sure that you have a proper ventilation system in place in your facility; not only will this help with any lingering emissions from your water tube boiler, but it can help with emissions from other equipment that might be in use at your facility too. Also, encourage employees to wear masks and other protective equipment so that they can keep themselves safe from potentially dangerous emissions within your facility, whether those emissions come from your water tube boiler or your other equipment.

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