In your barber shop, you probably use an air compressor to blow hair off of your customers' necks, away from your work area and even off of your clippers, scissors and other equipment. An air compressor can be quite handy for clean-up in a barber shop; however, you do have to worry about the unit itself becoming clogged with hair. Luckily, following a few tips can help so that you can continue to rely on your air compressor to make your work day easier.

Keep the Unit Off of the Floor Some barbers keep their air compressor units directly on the floor in their work area. Even though this might seem like the best and most convenient place, it does put your unit more at risk of becoming clogged with hair as it falls to the floor. A better idea is to keep it elevated slightly off of the floor, such as on a shelf. Just make sure that the shelf is strong enough to hold the air compressor, since these units can be quite heavy.

Keep Hair Cleaned Up Throughout the Day It's important to clean hair up throughout the day, such as by sweeping or blowing the hair away after each cut. The back of your air compressor unit can pull hair toward itself, and if there is lingering hair sitting around all day, this becomes even more likely. Take the time to sweep up the hair often, and you can help reduce this problem. Plus, your shop will look a whole lot cleaner, which is always a good thing!

Clean the Filter Regularly After a long day of cutting -- and sweeping up! -- hair, the last thing that you probably want to do is fool around with your air compressor. However, proper air compressor maintenance is critical if you want to keep your unit in good shape. You'll need to remove the back and clean any hair off of the filter, and you should also change the filter as directed in the owner's manual. You should also take the time to drain the water from the tank each day; otherwise, the water could cause corrosion inside your air compressor, which can lead to major issues.

As you can see, it is possible to reduce the amount of hair that clogs up your barber shop air compressor. If you give these tips a try, you can keep your system going a whole lot longer without having to worry about the effects of the loose hair. Visit for more information.