Were you in the middle of a project when the tires wore out on your band saw? The tires are the rubber bands that are located on the wheels.  If you're not familiar with maintenance procedures for your new band saw, you might not know how to replace them. Unfortunately, if you have to wait for a professional's help, you might fall behind on the project you're working on. Don't panic. Here are some simple instructions that will help you replace the tires on your band saw.

Stretch the Tires

When you purchase the new tires for your band saw, you're going to find that they're slightly smaller than the size of the wheels. This is to ensure that the tires fit snugly once they're in place. Before you can install the new tires, you'll need to get them ready to be stretched. The first thing you'll need to do is clean the inside of your new tires with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will remove the talc residue that's placed on the tires for shipping.

Next, fill a pan with hot water so you can soak the tires. Place the tires in the hot water and leave them to soak for about 30 minutes. This will make the rubber pliable so you can stretch it over the wheel. Once the tire is softened up, use a blow dryer to warm the wheel. This will make it easier for the tire to go on.

Block the Wheel

Before you install the new tire, you'll need to block the wheel. Without the block, the wheel will continue to rotate while you're trying to install the tire. Place a bar clamp or large dowel through the wheel spokes to prevent slipping. To ensure that the wheel is properly blocked, try turning the wheel with the clamp or dowel in place. If the wheel doesn't move, you may begin putting the tire on. If the wheel moves, place a second clamp or dowel in the spokes of the wheel.

Install the Tires

Now that you have the wheel blocked, you're ready to install the new tire. Starting at the top, place your new tire on the wheel. Place a small dowel between the tire and the wheel. Move the dowel along the edge as you stretch the tire over the wheel. Continue moving the dowel around the wheel until you have the tire stretched into place. Carefully remove the dowel.

If the tire has worn out on your band saw, you'll need to replace it as soon as possible. There's no need to have a professional replace them. The simple instructions provided here will help you get your band saw up and running again.