Compressed air piping systems rely on the creation of a vacuum within a long line of pipes. The vacuum must be complete so that any air compressed with the same space creates a driving power force unlike anything else used as a tool in an industrial setting. What happens, though, when your piping system malfunctions? Here are some possibilities and signs that there is something wrong with the system and it needs repair.

Air Popping Versus Air Leaking

Usually, when your employees are using a tool connected to the compressed air system, there is a sort of popping air bubble noise with each use. It can be compared to the sound you can make when you create a vacuum inside a drinking cup by sealing it to your mouth and then popping it off to release the vacuum. If this sound is missing or replaced by a hissing noise instead, there is definitely something wrong with the compressed air system.

Lack Of Force

The system delivers compressed air behind a power tool, which is the driving force for that tool. When a nail, screw or bolt is not instantaneously driven into the product which your employee is working on, or it takes a very long time for the tool attachment to complete a single step, then the vacuum or amount of air in the system is not functioning properly. You and your employees should be able to feel the difference almost immediately, and as the amount of force continues to dwindle, the tool's power will feel extremely weak.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes within a compressed air piping system are just as bad as blocked pipes in plumbing. Nothing passes through in either direction behind or in front of the blockage. If this problem occurs with your compressed air system, you will be able to run your hand along the pipes and feel where there is absolutely no action and where the blockage might be. However, to avoid nullifying the warranties on your compressed air system, do not try to repair the problem on your own. Instead, call the manufacturer or the company that installed your system to get a repair technician.

Purchasing Replacement Parts

Most of the time, you should be able to purchase replacement parts for your compressed air piping system through your repair technician. If you cannot, there are several online retailers that carry the parts you need for any manufacturer of any system ever made. Once you have purchased and received the parts, the technician will return to complete the job.