If you are looking for a career that does not require much schooling but still enables you to make good money, you may want to consider becoming a welder. Normally only a high school diploma is required but some employers prefer a two-year degree. The average salary is around $39,000 but can be dependent upon what type of industry you put your welding skills to use. Here are four places you can find work as a welder and make good money doing it.

1. Self-Employed - If you have a desire to be in charge of your earning potential, your schedule and your location, you might want to consider being a self-employed welder. Being your own boss is also beneficial if you like to do a variety of welding jobs.

If you can't afford to buy your own welding equipment or you are unable to get a business loan when you start out, you might consider welding rental equipment from a company like Vern Lewis Welding Supply Inc. Try to look for a company who has a rent-to-own option that will enable you to eventually own the welding equipment you are renting.

2. Pipeline Construction - When it comes to this industry, welders are especially important as they are the ones who grind and bevel the ends of the pipes for proper sealing. Welders who have experience with automatic mechanized welding will have an especially good chance of finding a job in pipeline construction. By using advances in technology, automated welding machines help to increase the accuracy and precision of pipes so there is less chance of the pipes bursting or leaking.

3. Metal Fabrication - When raw materials are used in the process of constructing machines and structures, it is known as metal fabrication. While it is the role of metal fabricators to work from blueprints to create and produce custom-made parts, it is up to the welder to fuse the metal parts together.

4. Agriculture - Farmers and ranchers usually have no shortage of welding jobs that need to get done. While many of them have welding skills of their own, they might not have enough time to complete their welding projects which is why they hire welders to do it for them. Some examples of welding jobs available in agriculture include:

  • Fixing manifolds on aluminum engines
  • Patching sheet metal on farm equipment
  • Repairing irrigation pumps

Whether you choose to be a self-employed welder or work in pipeline construction, agriculture, or metal fabrication, chances are there is a welding job waiting for you.