Most industries rely on seals in manufacturing a wide range of items, including vehicles and machinery. Seals are even a part of every day life and can be found on many items, such as toilets and vacuums. Which seal your business selects depends largely on your needs and budget. 

Bronze Seals

Bronze seals are commonly used in situations in which there are high temperatures and friction. This is because it is a copper alloy that is actually strengthened by the friction and heat. 

The seals are also durable and can be easily formed into different shapes that are needed for any industrial project. The seals also hold up well to constant use, which makes it one of the best choices for seals. In addition to these features, it is resistant to corrosion.

Although bronze seals can be used in a number of industries, they work best in electrical applications because they are able to connect different components without causing any disruptions in the electrical system. 

Stainless Steel Seals

Stainless steel seals have been used in industries ranging from aerospace to automotive. In the automotive industry, the seals are used to help connect the fuel lines and engine components. 

Stainless steel has many benefits, including being easy to use and its resistance to corrosion. It can also withstand high amounts of heat and it is very strong. Wear and tear on stainless steel seals is usually minimal. 

Aluminum Seals

Aluminum seals have benefits that other metals do not have, which makes them a popular choice in many industries. One of the main benefits is how cost effective they are. It also holds up well when the temperature drops, which makes it a prime choice for cold environments.

It is also lighter than most other metals. Using heavier metals for seals can result in increases in your shipping charges. On the other hand, aluminum seals can help to bring down your shipping costs and those savings can add up over time. 

Aluminum does not rust and is non-magnetic. This makes the material the idea choice for industries that work with electrical applications. Aluminum seals are also very versatile and can be made into a range of shapes that fit the needs of the consumer.

To best determine the right seal for your industrial project, assess your needs and work with a knowledgeable supplier. There are many more choices, including copper, from which you can choose.