Are you good with your hands? Do you like to build things? Do you have good management skills? If so and you are wondering what field of work you should go into, you might want to consider becoming a construction manager. With an good career outlook and a substantial median annual pay, a career as a construction manager may be right up your alley.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Just like the manager of a store oversees the operations of a store and the manager of a restaurant oversees the operations of a restaurant, a construction manager oversees the operations of a construction site.

In this role, you will plan, budget, organize, and direct all aspects of a construction project. You will work both on the job site and in an office setting and will oversee an entire construction project from start to finish.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the career outlook for construction managers is very promising. As of 2012, people in this position earned an average of $82,790 a year. Given that the average income in 2013 was just above $50,000, a career as a construction manager would be considered quite lucrative. The BLS also predicts that the job growth in this industry will be 16% faster than average job growth between 2012 and 2022.

How Do You Become a Construction Manager?

In order to become a construction manager, you will need to have experience in the field. Other professionals with experience in the construction industry, such as carpenters, can successfully become construction managers; however, attaining a bachelor's degree in construction science from an accredited college or university is strongly recommended. A higher education degree in this field will provide you with explicit knowledge and experience that is needed to become a successful construction engineer.

Tools Needed

In order to be a successful construction manager, not only do you need to have vast knowledge and experience in the field, but you do also need to have the right tools. A successful professional in this field will have a supply of contractor's tools, which he or she can use in order to assist in specific on-site tasks, should assistance be required. A construction manager will also need to have a laptop and/or a tablet that is outfitted with software that is related to the construction management industry.

With the right training and the right tools, you can enjoy a future as a construction manager. For more information, talk to a professional like CL Presser Company.